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Thinking about outsourcing your Google Ads?

You get the most revenue from Google Ads. But the competition is fierce, and the in-house knowledge is minimal. It also seems difficult to find a reliable partner with the right skills. Freelancers are fully booked, and agencies often work with juniors and have high turnover.

We do things differently. We do not work at fixed locations, we do not have an expensive office, and our staff has a lot of freedom, and hence a sense of responsibility.

What does collaborating with Adverge yield you:

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An excellent party with experts who have comprehensive knowledge of international advertising! Their expertise is evidently profound. They provided swift and thorough communication.

Matthieu Thomas - Fitlyzen


Adverge consists of specialists who have a deep understanding of the mechanisms behind ads and what it takes to help a business successfully scale. Their communication is fluid and transparent, and very proactive.

This is how we work

#1 - Audit

Naturally, we start with an introduction. You get to know our Google Ads experts and our way of working. Of course, we also want to know everything about your business and especially the figures that are important to you.

Next, we audit your campaigns. We analyze all points for improvement and put them in an understandable document, so you know exactly where all the opportunities lie.

#2 - Set-up

In this phase, we prepare your campaigns or do a big cleanup and improvement action. We implement tools and techniques that bring your campaigns to the next level. We create a dashboard with the targets and KPIs that are important to your business.

#3 - Optimization

We continue to work on improving your campaigns.
Every week we work on:

  1. Adding new search terms for more traffic
  2. Testing campaign types for optimal ROI
  3. Testing ads for more conversions
  4. Giving advice on landing pages
  5. Finding bottlenecks in the ordering process
  6. Excluding search terms that do not work
  7. Optimizing display ads
  8. Feed optimization for Shopping
  9. Setting up A/B tests
  10. And way more

Oh, and this is us by the way

Adverge SEA specialisten

Adverge is a marketing agency that does things differently.

We work with the best talent, work remotely, and help companies scale internationally. While other agencies force office work, offer low salaries, and see high turnover, we do the opposite. Fair wages, work where one wants, and deliver top quality through happy employees.

Our top talent helps ambitious companies set up the best campaigns to attract their expected customers and build the business of their dreams.

We are reliableproactive and ambitious and strive for working together with a high quality. Let us use our passion and knowledge to grow your business.

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