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Founded in Amsterdam in 2019, Fitlyzen has been on a mission to make pure, natural products available to people all over Europe. They have worked tirelessly to create supplements with scientifically backed ingredients that deliver real results, all while being safe and natural.

Fitlyzen is part of a very competitive market. Their market share was not increasing and they weren’t growing as quickly as they would like. Ready to shake things up, we got asked to help them grow.

Matthieu Thomas, managing director of Fitlyzen, believed that profitability would come over time and that investing was needed first. By working together we wanted to make sure that both growth and profitability could be achieved at the same time. 

Our Approach To Gain More Revenue

As most of their revenue comes from Google Ads, our work was cut out for us. We saw that the campaigns were not optimally set up and found some untapped potential.

By tweaking the bid strategies to align with business targets and optimizing campaign setups, we managed to increase profitability:

  1. We adjusted bidding strategies to adhere to industry best practices, resulting in a boost in campaign profitability while maintaining consistent conversion volumes.

  2. We merged all available campaign data to increase the conversion volumes per campaign and provided Google with more data to optimize bidding strategies, which led to better overall performance per country.

  3. We prioritized setting a strong foundation in initial campaigns before scaling, allowing for a focus on the profitability of key campaigns before expanding into other countries. This approach ensured that the main campaigns reached their agreed-upon targets without unnecessary spending in less significant countries.

  4. Simultaneous to optimizing the campaigns, we took a look at the website. What happens after the click is just as valuable to optimize. We analyzed the website and landing pages and suggested some conversion-raising advice.

The Results

  1. The conversion volume remained unchanged by applying the above actions despite achieving fewer clicks (saving on unsuccessful campaigns).


  2. The conversion rate, on the other hand, increased by 12%, purely due to campaign adjustments. The changes on the website are currently being developed, which is expected to lead to an even higher conversion rate.


  3. As a result of maintaining consistent conversion volumes and revenue figures while reducing costs, the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) has remarkably increased by 33.5% in just 2 months.

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