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About Adverge

We know that agencies have a bad reputation. That’s why we do things differently.
Better. More honest.

Our agency is what we believe a performance agency should be:

  • Low overhead, which you do not have to pay for
  • Always have transparency, clarity and clear goals to work towards
  • Not being brought in by a senior, but helped by a junior: we only work with seniors

That’s why we say: we are the last performance agency you work with.
Because after Adverge, you will never want anything else.

Our Story

Once upon a time… 

December, 2022

Marieke, the future CEO, started the first conversations with the shareholders.

January, 2023

It's a wrap! Adverge B.V. was created. Marieke resigned from her job.

March 2023

The first full-time month of CEO Marieke. Yay!

April 2023

The first employee joined Adverge: Jaitse! 🥳

December 2023

By December, we have already welcomed 4 employees! Amazing to have you on board, Lieuwe, Romana and Rik! 🥳

April 2024

Hired our first Senior Social Ads specialist!

June 2024

Our team has expanded to 7 specialists 😍

A strong promise, yes. But we make it happen.

We have designed our processes and systems in such a way that you hardly have to invest energy, time and brainpower in Google Ads.

No more worries about rising CPAs and falling ROAS.

No uncertainty about what exactly is happening, and for what amount.

No doubts about whether your marketing partner is getting the most out of your ad spend.

This is how we maintain our promises

Real-time dashboard

You get a Looker Studio where you get real-time data. You’ll know exactly how many leads and sales you’re getting at what cost. Because you will never get enough insights from a standard Excel or PDF.

Senior experts, no general marketers

The depth, not the breadth. Specialists, not all-rounders.

That’s why we also pay above average for above-average, worldwide talent. We work entirely remotely.

Fewer ad spend? Fewer costs

The more SEA budget you have, the higher your investment in us becomes. So far, little news. But: the lower your spend, the lower your costs also become. This can vary from month to month, and we keep track of it for you. Well, that’s fair.

Dedicated accountmanager

Because you don’t feel like establishing a relationship with yet another contact person every time. With us, you always speak to the same SEA expert and/or our CEO Marieke. That way you know exactly who to talk to, and you save yourself valuable time.

Cancellable every calendar month

If for any reason you no longer want to work together, you can simply cancel. Strangulation contracts? We don’t do that.

Quarterly reviews & monthly reports

Quarterly, a different specialist looks at your account for new perspectives and fresh ideas. We also consult as often as necessary.

"Adverge offers a unique experience - no bureaucracy, quick action, and the freedom to make an impact. It's like working for yourself, yet building together. Informal communication, clear expectations, and the chance I eagerly embraced at the beginning of this year"
Google Ads Specialist at Adverge

At the end of the day, we are all about trust

By showing that things can and should indeed be done differently in the agency world.

So that you can scale up and continue to grow with peace of mind – and more turnover and profit for the company.

You no longer have to doubt whether your money is being well spent.
You no longer have to worry about whether another party can get more out of your budget.
Regain confidence in a marketing partner, your plans and the feasibility of your goals.

And that’s because you have us.

Adverge Google Ads team

This is the team that's ready for your campaigns

Marieke Cozijnsen
CEO- Founder

Jaitse van Apeldoorn
Sr. Google Ads Specialist

Lieuwe Vreeswijk
Sr. Google Ads Specialist

Rik van Asselt
Sr. Google Ads Specialist

Romana Sussenbach
Sr. Google Ads Specialist

Renje Booij

Renje Booij
Sr. Google Ads Specialist

Dominique Roelofs

Dominique Roelofs
Account manager

Rianne Pessel
Sr. Social Ads Specialist

Edwin Dijkstra
Google Ads Consultant

Bob Meijer
Google Ads Consultant

Dennis Pettinga
Marketing Strategist

Marc Cornelius
Google Ads Consultant

Alex van Ginneken
Business Coach

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