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FLOWN gives you a virtual community to work alongside. As a member, you’ll discover countless others from around the world who share your challenges and want to celebrate your successes.

You can choose from a rich array of session types: from structured focus sessions led by experienced focus facilitators to drop-in sessions for live breathwork, journaling, meditation, drawing and movement sessions

How Adverge Helps Flown Grow

In september 2023 we started working on their Google Ads account. There was an agency helping them before, so there was data to work with.

The first issue we encountered was the quality of their leads. On the Flown website visitors can start a free account to check out the tool. It’s a smart way to convince people to become paying customers. The problem was – the leads weren’t converting from free to paid.

Tracking free accounts and paid customers

When auditing the account, this was our first focus. We found the only conversion that was being tracked correctly were the unpaid account creations. The problems with this is that Google Ads doesn’t know which customers actually are the most relevant to target.

Our solution is to implement offline conversions. These are conversions which are implemented via a third party tracking system, often a Customer Management System of some sorts. The CRM tracks Google Ads data and redirects conversion data back to Google Ads.

Flown uses a tool for collecting customer data, called Segment. By sending the Click ID of Google Ads (which stores click data) to Segment, we were able to link all Google Ads data to the clients that would later convert from a free to a paid account.

Using more tracking signals

Furthermore, Flown had valuable knowledge of the customer journey. Certain user patterns would indicate a strong likelihood of a free user becoming a paid customer. This is valuable, because there can be a long delay between a user being on a free account to choosing to get a paid account.

If a user would complete 3 ‘flocks’, which is their term for a ‘focus session’, this would be a strong indicator for this user to potentially become a paid customer.

Using three conversion points for accurate tracking

So now we’re tracking ‘free account created’, ‘3 flocks completed’ and ‘started paid account’. By doing so, Google not only knows who is started a free account, they know who to target when it comes to ‘high interest’ leads.

Optimizing campaigns with elaborate data

focussing on conversions which bring in actual value proved a game changer for managing the campaigns. Mainly because we now could switch to a ‘value based bid strategy’. Instead of focussing on bringing free accounts for a certain cost-per-acquisition, we can now feed the campaigns actual revenue-data. This means Google smart bidding systems will focus on attracting valuable visitors.

In short: instead of focussing on getting as much conversions as possible, we now shift the focus to bringing in quality leads that will complete ‘three flocks’ and become paying customers.

Since switching to this quality-first strategy, we’ve seen triple the high-quality leads that complete three flocks. Flown is very happy with the results so far.

The Results

  1. Since switching to measuring high- quality conversions and using smart bidding, we’ve tripled the amount of high quality conversions.
  2. By focussing on high quality leads, and not all leads, we significantly increased the ROI from Google Ads.
  3. By growing leads that actually become clients and implementing smart bidding, we’re seeing massive revenue growth from paid ads.

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