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Google Ads as a Safety Net for the Catfish Industry

In the fall of 2021, the catfish webshop “Tom-Cat” was taken over by an experienced SEO marketer who has a personal passion for fishing: Erwin Enter. Erwin saw untapped potential in both the physical store and the company’s online presence, which hadn’t been leveraged in the years before the takeover.

But when there are so many opportunities, where do you start? That’s when Erwin came to us for advice and Google Ads management!

Our Approach For More Revenue

In terms of SEO, the foundation was solid. However, Erwin had little knowledge of SEA (Search Engine Advertising). Through his network, he found Adverge.

Erwin says about the first meeting: “I immediately had a good feeling about Adverge, especially about Jaitse. The first conversation was very pleasant, and Jaitse seemed trustworthy to me. He also quickly focused on solutions.”

This was our approach:

1. We started with conducting extensive keyword research. Via tools such as SEMRush, AHrefs, Google Keyword Planner. It turned out “catfish + product name” was still unused, despite having large traffic on this searc hterm.

2. Then, we moved on to setting up various Search and Shopping campaigns. The Shopping initially underperformed, with feed optimization being a key focus area. Through Channable, we added new titles and descriptions to the feed. Also we updated the feed overall so that the Shopping ad would stand out. Check the image next to this section.

Regarding the Search campaigns, we adopted a comprehensive approach: assigning different categories to separate campaigns. This strategy was informed by our analysis in Analytics, which revealed distinct performance variations (both negative and positive) across each landing page.

3. Month-to-month we kept optimizing the campaigns to fulfill the ROI-demands. It took us 2 months to have a profitable ROI. 3 months to achieve the revenue growth mentioned below! 

The Results

Just three months after implementing the Google Ads campaigns, the catfish tackle shop experienced an unprecedented revenue growth of 300%. This explosive increase in online sales was accompanied by a significantly higher number of visits to the physical store, highlighting the success of the strategy chosen.

This is something we at Adverge are very proud of. Erwin also shares this sentiment: “The effectiveness of this growth can also be attributed to Jaitse’s approach. At the beginning, I gave a crash course on the catfish world since it’s truly a niche. After that, we started seeing results. But beyond the positive outcomes, it’s Jaitse’s approachability, quick and effective actions, and clear communication about the steps to be taken that have been efficient and also particularly enjoyable.”

It’s now time for the next steps with Tom-Cat: Internationalization. There are still plenty of opportunities for significant growth.

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Jaitse is a pleasant person to work with! Thanks in part to him, we've managed to achieve explosive growth in the Netherlands. Now on to the next countries!
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