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Google ads outsourcing

Do you want to double your revenue?

Then you should put us to work! We work together with ambitious companies to make sure that their Google Ads campaigns are performing like never before.

Just like we are doing for the IMU, Flown and HeadshotPro, trust us with your campaigns and Google Ads will not be your worry anymore, but the channel which provides you with the biggest return.

Your account will only be worked on by your own Google Ads specialists, but will be reviewed periodically by our other Google Ads specialists.

We find it important to set clear, realistic goals. We will only scale up once we reach these goals.

We also work together with partners. If you are interested, visit our partner page.

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Would you like us in charge of your ad campaigns?

To make sure you know what we are capable of and we know how we could potentially help you, we follow these 4 steps.

If you have existing campaigns, we will perform an audit on these campaigns and check elements such as the following:

  • Your budget is spent on the right campaigns
  • What channels are being used
  • Your account structure
  • The bid strategy
  • The keywords
  • Errors

Following the audit we will set up a performance plan. This is a clear action plan on how we would set up the account and the campaigns to boost the results as fast as possible.

You will receive the results of the audit and our performance plan before you receive our proposal. In case we both feel that we can work well together, we will tell you what we need to start.

We will need access to your Google Ads/Analysis/Merchant accounts, but we will also advise you on whether any external tools would add value.

We will continuously be working on optimizing your campaigns to reach your goals as fast as possible. You will receive access to a client portal where you can see what actions we have taken, are taking and will be taking.

You will receive a monthly report and we will have a biweekly or monthly call, based on your preference.

Let's grow together

Your success is our success. Our monthly fee is based on monthly Google Ads spend. Over time, when goals have been achieved, we can look at whether we can increase the Google Ads budget to make an even greater impact. Increasing the Google Ads budget also brings more opportunities and work. Read below why we chose for this framework.

Win - Win

We understand that you wouldn't want to increase your budget without reaching your initial goals first.
Let us reach your goals for you.

No hourly bills

We are motivated to reach your goals. Know what fee you can expect each month and avoid discussions about the hours.


As we both want to grow, let's start this transparent partnership where you know what you can expect.

Do you want more customers by using Google Ads?