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Achieve success in the German market with effective SEA campaigns

Your business is about to soar to unprecedented heights. Conquering the German market is high on your list, but you’re still struggling with the right approach. Look no further! Adverge offers you a helping hand with a proven Google Adwords strategy for Germany and a wealth of experience in setting up and managing highly successful Google Ads campaigns!

Seize this opportunity to lead your business to new successes and let Adverge be your guide in realizing your goals in the German market.

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Fine party with specialist international ads knowledge! Are clearly knowledgeable. Communication is fast.

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Adverge consists of specialists who have a deep understanding of the mechanisms behind ads and what it takes to help a business successfully scale. Their communication is fluid and transparent, and they are proactive in thinking about improvements. Toppers!

Discover SEA opportunities for Germany

Germany has one of the largest economies in Europe and is an attractive market for many companies. With more than 80 million inhabitants, it offers many opportunities for your product or service. By using SEA, you can create and show highly targeted ads to specific audiences in Germany based on demographics, interests, keywords and locations. This helps you target your ads to people who are actually interested in your products or services.

Whereas with an SEO strategy you are mainly concerned with the long term, with Google Adwords you can be visible sooner and thus get results sooner. With a well-thought-out SEA strategy, you can uniquely position your company in Germany and stay ahead of your competitors.

Why is Google Adwords more difficult in Germany?

Creating effective Google Adwords campaigns for the German market is more difficult than setting up a Dutch campaign. Because of the German language, setting up effective ads can lead to language problems and possible miscommunication with your target audience.

Consumer behavior also varies by country. What is seen as “logical” behavior in the Netherlands may be very different for another country. Therefore, search intent may also vary by country. As a result, the price per click may also vary. Where you have to pay a lot for a search term in the Netherlands, it can be little in Germany and vice versa.

The German market is often competitive, especially in certain sectors. This means that there may already be established competitors actively using SEA in Germany who have already gained significant market share. It can be harder to differentiate yourself and stand out among other advertisers if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Finally, regulations and laws may be different from what you are used to with regard to advertising, data protection and consumer protection. It is important to align your ads with legal requirements to avoid fines or legal problems.

We will help you further conquer the German market!

Adverge specializes in international Google Ads campaigns. That’s why our specialists are happy to help you set up and/or optimize your Google Adwords for Germany. We do this in the following way:

#1 - Kennismakingsgesprek en een gratis audit

At Adverge, we understand that no two businesses are the same, which is why we always start with an introductory meeting. During this conversation, you tell us more about your company, target audience and goals. With this valuable information, we conduct a free audit, analyzing your overall account and identifying potential opportunities. These opportunities can range from cost savings to strategies to generate more traffic to your Web site.

Don’t have an SEA account for Germany yet? Then, after getting to know you, we’ll get straight to work on a strategy.

#2 - De strategie voor jouw Google Adwords in Duitsland

Based on the audit conducted, you will receive a strategy combined with various action items. After the audit, we immediately schedule another call to discuss the findings with you. Of course, you can ask all your questions right away. At the end of this conversation, you will decide if you want to work with us.

#3 - Uitvoering van het plan

After your approval of the proposed strategy, we move on to implementation. Within one week you will be ready to enter the German market! Our initial focus is on setting up (new) campaigns and accurately setting up conversions, which allows us to properly measure results right away.

#4 - Optimalisatie

At Adverge, we go beyond just launching your Google Ads campaigns for the German market. To achieve maximum results, optimization of your campaigns is an important part. That’s why we keep a close eye on the performance of your ads and adjust your campaigns as needed.

We analyze keywords and search terms used to ensure that the ads always fit the target audience and we look at how to make them even more compelling. We test with various (catchy) headlines, call-to-actions and descriptions. That way, know what appeals to your target audience and when they click on the ads.

But we’re not just constantly improving campaigns. We also focus on landing pages. A good landing page helps achieve conversions. As such, we are happy to help you with ideas for creating relevant and attractive landing pages that seamlessly match the ads and drive your visitors to action. Our approach includes continuous learning from collected data and optimizing campaigns so you get maximum results.

#5 - We houden je regelmatig op de hoogte

To keep you well informed, we make sure to schedule an online meeting at least once a month. If needed or desired, the frequency may be higher. During these meetings, we go over the opportunities from both your perspective and ours. In this way, we strive to achieve optimal results for your campaigns in Google Adwords for Germany.

Adverge's core values

Adverge Google Ads team

At Adverge, we are determined to do things differently and better than other marketing agencies. Our strong belief in challenging the norm motivates us to strive for nothing less than extraordinary performance for all of our customers.

Our belief is that delivering personalized and strategic marketing solutions should perfectly match the unique needs of each client. Adverge’s team is happy to work closely with your company to understand and achieve its goals. That way, we provide a customized approach that truly makes an impact.

Are you ready to enter the German market?

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for an exploratory discussion. Let us know your ambitions and find out how we can support you with Google Adwords for Germany.

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