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As an entrepreneur, you are ready to take your business to new heights. You want to conquer the French market, but are not sure how to go about it. Look no further! Adverge is here to help you with a proven approach and years of experience in setting up and managing successful Google Ads campaigns specifically tailored to the French market.

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Fine party with specialist international ads knowledge! Are clearly knowledgeable. Communication is fast.

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Adverge consists of specialists who have a deep understanding of the mechanisms behind ads and what it takes to help a business successfully scale. Their communication is fluid and transparent, and they are proactive in thinking about improvements. Toppers!

Why is Google Ads for France important?

France is one of the largest economies in Europe and offers tremendous opportunities for businesses. However, in this competitive market, increasing your visibility is important to take advantage of the many opportunities the French public has to offer.

To get higher in Google through SEO takes time and patience, but with Google Ads you can reach your target audience directly at the moment they are actively searching for your products and services. This gets your brand noticed, drives traffic to your website and increases conversion rates. A well thought out SEA strategy can make your business stand out in France and stay ahead of your competitors.

Setting up Adwords for France is trickier

Setting up a French Google Ads campaign is often more difficult than a Dutch campaign. Each country has its own unique language, culture, consumer behavior and competitive landscape. This also applies to France. This affects how you should design your Google Ads campaign in France.

For example, French language and culture is obviously different from Dutch. The way search terms are entered and users’ search intent may be different. Therefore, you need to consider the right French keywords and ad copy that appeals to the French audience.

Because France is so large, you have to consider geographical and demographic differences. What works in one region may be less effective in another. Localizing your campaign can be key to reaching the right audience.

But the competition is also different. Competition in the French market can be fierce, especially in popular sectors. This means optimizing your campaign to stand out among other advertisers. A thorough competitive analysis and finding a unique positioning are important to be successful.

Finally, on the legal side, it is good to be aware of specific laws and regulations regarding advertising and marketing.

All these factors require a customized approach when setting up a French SEA campaign. Therefore, it is vital to conduct local research, understand the needs of the target audience and analyze the competition. An experienced SEA specialist with knowledge of the French market can help you set up a successful campaign and grow your business in France. By taking into account the unique characteristics of the country and developing a strategy accordingly, you increase the chances of success and a good ROI for your French SEA campaign.

Our proven approach

At Adverge, we help you conquer the French market. Our specialists have years of experience in setting up and managing successful SEA campaigns for companies in various industries, in various countries. Our approach is based on data analysis and strategic optimization in the French market. Our approach:

#1 - Kennismaking en gratis audit

At Adverge, we understand that no two businesses are the same. That’s why we start with an introductory meeting in which you tell us more about your company, target audience and goals. With this valuable information, we conduct a free audit, analyzing your overall account and identifying potential opportunities. These opportunities can range from cost savings to strategies to generate more traffic to your Web site.

Don’t have an account for Google Adwords for France yet? No problem. Then, after getting to know you, we will get straight to work on establishing a strategy.

#2 - Strategie vaststellen

Based on the audit, we prepare a comprehensive strategy with a concrete action plan. In a subsequent conversation, we will share this strategy with you and answer all your questions. Based on this, you will decide if you want to work with us.

#3 - Implementatie van de strategie

Once you agree to the proposed strategy, we get straight to work implementing it. Within a week you can already start conquering the French market! We spend first priority on setting up (new) campaigns and accurately setting up conversions, so we can start measuring results right away.

#4 - Optimaliseren van je campagnes

At Adverge, our job doesn’t stop after launching your French Google Ads campaigns. On the contrary, we are constantly optimizing campaigns to achieve maximum results. We continuously monitor the performance of your ads and adjust them as needed. For example, we look at the keywords and search terms used and ensure that the ads are always relevant and compelling. Using catchy headlines, attractive images and clear call-to-actions is essential to attract the attention of your target audience and generate clicks.

In addition to optimizing campaigns, we also take a close look at landing pages. A relevant and optimized landing page is important to turn clicks into valuable conversions. At Adverge, we help you create relevant and attractive landing pages that seamlessly match ads and drive your visitors to action. By continuously learning from the data collected and optimizing campaigns, we can maximize the return on your investment.

#5 - Contactmomenten

During our collaboration, we have regular contact. The frequency of our touch points may vary, but we always make sure to have at least one online meeting per month. During these meetings, we discuss opportunities from both your perspective and our perspective. This way we can get the maximum results for your Google Ads in France.

What Adverge stands for

Adverge Google Ads team

At Adverge, we like to show that a marketing agency can be different, and more importantly, better. Our determination to challenge the norm has inspired us to strive for nothing less than exceptional performance for our customers.

We strongly believe in providing personalized and strategic marketing solutions that seamlessly meet the needs of our clients. Our team of SEA experts work closely with you to understand your business and goals, so we can provide a customized approach that has real impact.

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