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How are your Google ads campaigns really performing?

Get an extensive audit finished within 7 days for free. No strings attached.

Discover the potential of your campaigns

Feel like your Google Ads account is stagnant? That your campaigns aren’t delivering the ROI you hoped for? Let us bring your mind at ease.

At Adverge we love doing audits. Our experts will dig through your account, find untapped opportunities, unnecessary costs and improvements in your current setup.

Well audit your account completely free, no strings attached.

After the Audit we’ll present all the insights. It is up to you to choose what to do with our recommendations. Of course we’ll include an offer for managing your campaigns.

85% of the accounts we audit end up signing with us. That’s how good our audits are.

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Amazing results and no money leaking ads

Hear what some of our clients have to say about Adverge.

"I was impressed by the audit and blown away by the results! Jaitse is great working with. Love our productive meetings!"
Erwin Enter
"Informal but very professional and creative in finding the right SEA solution for our webshop. The results speak for themselves!"
Lana Meyer
"Very well helped by Marieke & Jaitse. Nice communication & a nice Google ads campaign set up. The first results are hopeful!"
Stein van Spankeren
Vida Vitaal

Adverge: the best of both worlds

The smart systems and processes of agencies, with the personal touch of freelancers. It feels like working with freelancers, but then better.

We give you results – not headaches. We will bring you more sales while saving you time. Provide insights and clarity, and you no longer worry about what is happening with your Ad spend. Because you no longer have to doubt whether there is more to it – you know that we will get the most out of it for you.

And it all starts with your free Adverge Audit.

Adverge Google Ads team

Our 12-step audit system

We analyze whether the ads are clear, persuasive, and compelling, and if they encourage clicks.

Based on your targets, we assess whether the right bidding strategies are being implemented.

Can’t scale without a solid foundation. We examine the areas for improvement in your account structure.

We evaluate the regions, languages, and target audiences you are focusing on and identify potential opportunities.

If it can be measured, it should be measured. We provide insights into any gaps in your conversion tracking.

Which keywords should you bid on? Or avoid? Our audit will provide you with the answers.

Google Ads = search, display, YouTube, and Shopping. We assess whether you are leveraging each optimally.

We’ll review your ads and landing pages to meet the requirements for a perfect quality score.

Expand your ads with extensions such as company name, logo, and images. We verify if these are correctly implemented.

We go beyond the click. On your website we’ll scout for ways to improve conversion rates.

Experimentation is key to improvement. We review ongoing tests and identify areas for further experimentation.

You will receive a report on the quality of photos and videos used in your campaigns.

The choice is yours

You have nothing to lose. Request your Adverge Audit below. You will receive a response within 1 working day to schedule our 30-minute introduction. We will do the Adverge Audit for you and you will receive the results within 7 days.

Do you decide not to continue with us? No problem at all. You simply receive all the insights and are free to implement them through another partner.

However, will we start working together ?

Then we’ll make sure we’ll be the last performance agency you will work with.

Answers to your questions

Definitely, we’ll let you know how that is possible.

Yes, we just really hope we will surprise you with our expertise. But if not, then no hard feelings.

There are possibilities for agencies and freelancers to request an audit well. Contact us, and we’ll discuss the details.

Access to Google Ads. Apart from that, access to Google Merchant Center and Google Analytics, if available.

How are your Google ads campaign really performing?

Get an extensive audit finished within 7 days for free. No strings attached.

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