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Looking for a European PPC agency?

It’s a pain to launch Google Ads campaigns in different countries, in different languages. The last thing you want is to work with partners in every country. Yet, you’re ambitious and the market is screaming to buy your products or hire your services. 

Let us help you. we are:

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An excellent party with experts who have comprehensive knowledge of international advertising! Their expertise is evidently profound. They provided swift and thorough communication.

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Adverge consists of specialists who have a deep understanding of the mechanisms behind ads and what it takes to help a business successfully scale. Their communication is fluid and transparent, and very proactive.

Here’s 3 reasons to work with us:

#1 - We're result driven

Most agencies lack understanding of business. Just being good at Google Ads simply isn’t enough in our eyes. We pride ourselves in thinking beyond the click. The first thing we’ll do is dive into your numbers. 

Together we’ll look at:

  • Your current ROI on the campaigns
  • Your on-site conversion rates
  • Your targets and KPI’s

Based on this information we’ll collaborate in creating ambitious, but realistic targets for your marketing campaigns. You’ll be provided with a dashboard containing all targets and the actual results we’re creating. 

After agreeing on targets we’ll perform the initial set-up of the campaigns. Based on keyword-research, your companies tone-of-voice and the offerings we’ll build out all campaigns, ad groups and write ads that will convert searchers into customers. 

Every month we’ll strive towards crushing the set targets. 

#2 - Fixed management fees

Working with previous agencies, you probably are used to paying an hourly rate. We’ve never been a fan of this. Hourly rates only incentivize agencies to either work slowly or to create arbitrary tasks which don’t move the needle. 

With us, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying. Our fee is based on a percentage of the ad spend. Also the ad spend is linked to the targets we both decide on.

You can trust us to do what it takes to deliver the desired results, while exactly knowing what you’re going to pay us every month. 

The more you spend, the lower the percentage for the management fee. Of course we’ll only increase ad spend when the targets allow us to do so. 


#3 - You’re working with the best marketeers on the planet

Being a remote agency comes with a few perks you’ll profit from. 

No overhead
There’s no fancy office. No rent, no cleaning, no office manager, no plants to maintain and no expensive energy bill. 

How does this help you? Well, the one thing we do invest in is our employees. Because we have no expensive overhead, we’re able to pay above-average salaries. Not only does this allow us to hire the best talent out there, we also have low employee churn. 

We all know how annoying it is to work with a different campaign manager every few weeks.

Employees are happy
Happy staff, big results. We are a remote agency, allowing our employees to work from anywhere. Also we don’t have set office hours. We hire people who are highly responsible and self-managing. Our people thrive under the work conditions we’re providing. 

We attract top tier talent
From the get-go our aim has always been to strive for the highest quality of campaign management. We firmly believe that our way of working attract the best people, which in turn results in delivering results that are far above the industry standard. 

Oh, and this is us by the way

Adverge SEA specialisten

We are Adverge and we want to be the last performance marketing agency you ever work with.

Our top talent helps ambitious companies set up the best campaigns to attract their expected customers and build the business of their dreams.

We are reliableproactive and ambitious and strive for working together with a high quality. Let us use our passion and knowledge to grow your business.

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